What is it called when blogs spawn baby blogs? Bloffspring? Blinfants? Whatever the case, this is a spin-off blog (bloddler?) created to house my self-indulgent side project, recapping the 1980s Young Adult series The Girls of Canby Hall in all its good, bad and ugly glory. For more about me, check out my home blog, Much More Where That Came From. Thanks for visiting!


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  1. I absolutely loved these books growing up! I even bought some off of eBay to reread. But I have one serious question…did we ever find out the meaning of the tea bag over Toby’s bed??

    • Hi Jenny! No, sadly, we never did. I like to think that if the series had gone to its natural end and seen Jane, Andy and Toby on to graduation, the tea bag mystery would have been revealed on the last page. Some theories on the meaning of Toby’s Tricky Tea Bag have been posited in the comments on other entries of this blog, such as that it had something to do with her mom. Do you have any hypotheses to share? Thanks for reading!

      • No good hypotheses unfortunetly! I do think it had something to do with her mom too. One of my friends way back said it probably contained her mother’s ashes but that is way to morbid! We need to find “Emily Chase” and ask her!! 🙂

  2. Thank you. I’ve been looking for the name of this series for awhile and I finally got the google search with the correct word plus meager teenage memory info combination. I read a few paragraphs and giggled incessantly of your rundown of the books.

  3. I randomly Google this series every so often, as I’m the only person I’ve ever known who has read it. THANK YOU. I’ve just read one recap but it’s all come back to me and I’m both shocked and giddy at how weirdly influential/memorable it was even after what, 25 years? Love it.

  4. I read some of these books when I was in middle school and didn’t have many friends so I thought going to Canby Hall sounded like the best thing ever. Now, I am so glad I didn’t have all of these judgmental nosy people all up in my face all of the time. And has anyone ever tallied up the ‘annual traditions’ that never happened again?

    • I KNOW, RIGHT?! Their self-righteousness is kind of hilarious. As for annual traditions, I think of that weird Spring Concert in #13 where they dressed up as forest creatures, the Almost-Summer Carnival, and of course the hysteria-inducing Arch Day in #17 (although to be fair, we never saw the New Girls graduate so maybe that would have gotten a repeat mention if the series had made it that far? Who am I kidding.) Oh, Canby!

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  6. I loved this series! The best day of the school year was the one when we got the scholastic catalogue and could order books. I always got a Girls of Canby Hall book. Always.

    • I loved this series too! My parents had a Scholastic limit — but whenever I could convince them it was time for another Canby Hall, I was in seventh heaven. My school was actually across the street from our region’s Scholastic office, so it seemed particularly cruel that we had to wait six weeks for our orders just like everyone else 🙂

  7. I have not read these and kind of stumbled into your blog but if you really want to know about the tea bag to go Julie Garwood’s web site. Julie Garwood is Emily Chase and writes the most wonderful books.

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